Working the scene

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Inspiration, Street Photography
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In street photography we are always on the lookout for the special moment in the mundane life. Those moments are there for 1/1000 of a second and they are gone a 1/1000 of a second later. Thinking before shooting is a luxury that in most times street photographers cannot allow themselves. The street photographer works and shoot mostly on intuition.

But sometimes the scene gives us the opportunity to work it, to explore the scene from different angles, to construct a better composition and to capture the decisive moment.

The scene doesn’t have to be static, it could be a person walking that we can follow and shoot in different situations giving us a verity to choose from.

Back in film days, working the scene could be expansive as development and printing cost money but today in the digital world, working the scene is free.

We all know that patience is a virtue, both in life and in photography (well, photography is life), especially in street photography. working the scene requires patience. Don’t rush your photography don’t shoot just one shot and think that you got it. If the opportunity comes up and allow you to work the scene then be patience and work the scene, exploit it to the max to be sure you get the best picture possible from the scene. Don’t worry about how many pictures you took and how much disk space they are going to take, it’s all worth it if you catch that one great frame.

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

In my last post – Inspiration 001 I’ve talked about William Klein, watch the next video as he takes us exploring his contact sheets giving us a glimpse to how he worked the scene in order to get the best frame.

  1. useful tips. thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Santi says:

    Great text (and images)!! I agree 100%

  3. ALIsuperstar says:

    nice work! where can I see some picture that you taken from the box of pictures that you published here? I you count from left to right its numbered in 9th. or the last line the first one from left, very interesting to see!

  4. ALIsuperstar says:

    You didn’t understand me and thats fine. maybe my English is not so good, I will try again.
    In this post that you published you place a box with 12 pics, from those 12 pics you chose one good photo, thats very good. What I wanted is that you publish some how the pic that is the lower line, the first from left not from right. Becouse for me the picture is interesting and I just want to see this a little bit in a bigger scale. Do you understand me now?

  5. Koya says:

    I’m glad Santi ( ) pointed me in the direction of your blog. I like your work.

  6. […] Stay with the subject matter (be patient) – I have discussed this point in my post Working the scene. […]

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