In two days, Israel will celebrate its Independence but before the celebrations begin we first commemorate our fallen soldiers and terrorism victims. Passing from sadness to joy, from mourning to celebrations with a turn of an hour feels like a big part of the whole Israeli nature.

A one minute siren at 8:00PM tonight will start Israel Memorial Day following with ceremonies tonight and tomorrow. 24 hours later, fireworks will kick off the celebrations of Israel Independence.

fallen soldiers

An Israeli soldier rests by the Fallen Soldier Monument in Netanya, Israel

  1. Mr Ulster says:

    It’s the image more than your introduction that I admire.

  2. nonoymanga says:

    Another classic street photography. Good day Nonoy Manga

  3. Alex says:

    A good capture.

    This year Yom Hazikaron falls on the same day as Australia and New Zealand’s remembrance day – Anzac Day. It’s especially poignant because Australia fought some significant battles in Palestine (pre independence).


  4. Santi says:

    Great text and shot!!

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