In my Street Photography Tips post I talked about the connection with the background, I mentioned how often a juxtaposition is used to tie a person to an element in the background.

This type of street photography is harder then it looks, it requires a good eye, a good timing but most of all, a lot and I mean A LOT of patient. I sometimes envy photographers that produce these kind of smart and funny pictures as I lack in most times the patient to stand in one spot for a long period of time and wait for the perfect connection. When I do get to make such picture it is usually by pure luck of being somewhere at the right place and on the right time while I roam the streets.

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

But most of my photography is not about such juxtapositions. Bruce Gilden calls these images – One Line Jokes. Sure they are funny, and humor is always good and healthy but to be honest it feels a bit gimmicky to me in most cases. The usage of text signs is an issue with these type of images as it creates a very local picture that only those who can read the language can understand the picture, even if it is in English there are still many people around the world who do not speak or read English. So when I do make such pictures I only go for graphic elements that would be understood in any language.

In My Street Photography I rather use juxtaposition to focus and to bring people together and tell the Human Story, even if it’s an imaginary story. To tell a story with human gestures and expressions to me is more fulfilling.

By no means this is to disrespect other photographs or photographers which I truly admire, just to share my approach to street photography and what I am looking for in street photography.

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

  1. Z says:

    some sound advice!

  2. Santi says:

    Great images and idea!!! I adhere the concept. It’s a question about personal preferences and mood. I don’t look for that kind of images but sometimes it’s funny to capture what I call “silly or living adverts” (they seem to be prepared for a commercial).

  3. volcman says:

    i share the same feelings like you.

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