I have a gallery on daviantart.com, the site has a Daily Daviant gallery, kind of top sellected pictures and art works of the day.
I was featured again today with one of my recent pictures.

It’s always overwhelming me to see the amount of exposure this brings, just can’t get use to it…

It’s two minutes to midnight over here and by now 4357 people have viewed the picture, over 300 added it to their favorite. not bad for one day 🙂 Mind you that my photography is NOT esthetic colorful scenery that will get the automatic WOW or “like” that floods the internet but have very little personal saying….

Street Photography by Sagi-K

Street Photography by Sagi-K

UPDATE (May 31st, 10:00AM)

I don’t really know where DA site is located but I guess according to it’s time zone it is still May 30th.

So at the moment, the number of views for May 30th stands on 6852 and over 500 added the picture to their favorites.

Did I say overwhelming already?

  1. That is a great photo and deserves all the attention it can get!

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