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I was invited by to take part in an article he was preparing for the Huffington Post on street photography.

I didn’t really know what it was about and was asked to send one picture, the one I consider my best and to write in about 50 words why i think it is my best.

It is truly impossible to point out one picture as “best”, it’s like choosing on child over the other. As a photographer ther is always the process of self evolvement and the definition of best may vary with time.

Sweet wrote to me that he was impressed by my color work so I decided to pick a color image for the article. I picked the following image for the reasons I wrote in the article.

© Street photography by Sagi Kortler

© Street photography by Sagi Kortler


this image holds many aspects of photography that I like, the parallelism of the hand gesture of the mannequin and the girl on the left, the surrealism of the whole scene, the dark and long shadows of photographing at the later hours of the day that brings beautiful light. I like photographs that enable the viewer to imagine the story behind the scene. It’s the kind of photo that can be taken lightly, or one where you can find a deeper, more important message.”

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